Earlier this week, many Warhammer Online players awoke to see multiple charges of fees in there bank accounts from EA’s billing
system. With upwards of 22 fees in some cases, some people are really taking this latest hit hard, with the charges totalling up to $500;
which is more than many can afford. In one rare case, the fees even totalled up to $2000 dollars after this member was charged a total of 52
times. This latest bug has come at a tough price to the already struggling game.

Located on on the Warhammer forums is a thread, “Billing error,” that has become commonplace for gamers to vent their fury with the company, and how much distress they are in. Many of them are upset with the lack of personal attention they are receiving from EA, after their monthly fee skyrocketted to 12-22 times
the normal price.

In many cases, this extra payment, which has totalled to up to $329.78, not including overdrafts, has not only emptied bank accounts, but ruined credit scores, and has caused many people to lose their insurance. The lack of effort it seems Mythic is putting into the problem has angered the community, and they arent afraid to let their thoughts out.

It is very unfortunate that this has happened, and it is warming to know that EA are doing all they can to fix this problem, although it seems they could do much more. Many have already been reimbursed and have had their financial institutions spoken to, but for those still waiting, I am sure that pre-paid game cards are looking like a bloody good idea