A very clever yet geeky idea for jazzing up your pad. The innovative guys at rationalcraft.com introduce ‘Windscape‘. Real windows are interactive – unlike a painting on the wall.  When you move your head in relation to a window, the view outside shifts up/down/left/right.  If you want to see something in the window’s right periphery, you can move your head left to bring it into view.

Winscape features include:

  1. Custom Winscape software with configurable screen parameters
  2. Two HD plasma displays for great contrast and wide viewing angles
  3. Video playback resolution of 1920×1080 with sound
  4. Still-image resolution of 4096×4096
  5. Fully embedded in the wall for aesthetics and silent operation
  6. Tracking of one person in the room for proper perspective presentation
  7. Scheduled on/off
  8. iPhone and web control of sleep/wake/scene selection

“Ok so how much?” I hear you cry. Price-wise, they are targeting $2500 to $3000. Hell if you can pay $25 for a virtual horse then this is a bargain!

They have lots of scenes to choose from or if you are really creative you can make your own (with the right equipment of course). What would I choose? Hmm maybe they can get some scenes of Minas Tirith or Rivendell? Or maybe a trip to the London Dungeon for a more scarey scene. The possibilities are endless.

What scene would you choose?