CCP brings us the next episode in their saga for EvE Online. Tyrannis expands the universe of EVE Online in ways never before imaginable. Within New Eden, pilots will now be able to descend on planets, construct colonies and harvest their hidden treasures. Beyond New Eden lies EVE Gate, a central portal for the EVE community to interact, organize and communicate even when they are not in game. Tyrannis introduces new platforms and new technology, setting the stage for even bigger things to come.

The claws of industry have reached in every direction, and for far too long the planets have escaped their grasp. No longer. The ability to harvest the lucrative resources that EVE Online’s planets have to offer is now yours, giving fuel to the aspirations of industrialists and combat pilots alike.

Planetary Interaction brings a new dimension of industrial gameplay to EVE Online. Players will be able to establish colonies on planet surfaces to reap, refine and process materials into high-demand commodities for use or sale on the EVE market. New skills have been introduced, offering even more options for those capsuleers looking to turbo-charge their colonies. New players and veterans alike can dive into this exciting new feature the minute Tyrannis goes live.

Planetary Interaction opens new doors on several levels. It introduces an entirely new branch of content for the entire community to engage in. It places even more control of the market in the hands of players, allowing for more flexibility, more choices and new arenas for player competition. The multi-tiered system of refining and processing allows players to regulate the depth and complexity of their colony’s output. Extract and sell raw materials, process standard commodities or even create manufacturing systems capable of producing valuable starbase structures. Additionally, with Planetary Interaction, Tyrannis makes the first leap towards the eventual EVE-DUST 514 connection.

Over 60,000 planets across the universe await you. Oceanic worlds, ice and lava planets, gas giants and even the most seemingly barren worlds have long hidden riches beyond your grasp… until now. Pick a planet, stake your claim, and build your colony. Unique surface maps for each planet insure that no two are alike in resource type and location.

Strategically place processors and extractors, and link them to your command center. How you build your colony determines its efficiency at harvesting and refining resources. New skills have been introduced, offering even more options for those capsuleers looking to turbo-charge their colonies. The Command Center is the core of your your colony, providing storage and power. Extractors gather the planet’s resources and funnel them into the colony’s network. Processors manufacture marketable goods out of the materials you have extracted. Junction and Storage nodes are also available to aid in managing the flow of materials through the colony.

Eve Online Tyrannis is due for release on May 18th 2010.