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Blizzard has released details of another zone for Cataclysm: Vashj’ir

Once a great Highborne city housing some of the most revered night elves of Kalimdor, Vashj’ir was swallowed by the  Great Sea in the Sundering and thought to be lost forever. Queen Azshara, formerly a beloved leader of the Highborne, escaped death in the depths of the sea when the Well of Eternity imploded. Such salvation came at a
great cost, as the queen and many of her fellow Highborne were forever transformed into the monstrous naga, doomed to wander the seas for thousands of years. Their existence mostly remains a mystery to the peoples of modern  Azeroth, though the Earthen Ring has learned ofAzshara’s naga seizing Vashj’ir for an unknown purpose as the cries of
the elements echo across Azeroth from the Abyss.

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Experience the many thrills coming with the next city of Heroes® content update before it hits the live servers. Crank up the graphics with Ultra Mode, experience brand new story arcs, revisit your characters thanks to even more  costume options, and more!

To check out the Open Beta, all you need to do is log into the North American or European Training Room! If you are not familiar with the process to access the test server, please read this post for our North American players or this
for our European players.

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Halo MMO Cancelled – Details

Ex-Ensemble Studios staffer and current Windstorm Studios founder and president Dusty Monk has told IncGamers about the Halo MMO that was in development at Ensemble prior to the studio’s closure.

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More WoW – Cataclysm Class changes from MMO

Cataclysm Class Preview: Hunter
Cataclysm Class Preview: Druid
Cataclysm Class Preview: Mage

More WoW – Cataclysm Class changes from MMO Champion

Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior
Cataclysm Class Preview: Death Knight
Cataclysm Class Preview: Rogue

Coming next: The  Hunter Druid,and  Mage previews!

Blizzard has begun sending out invites to the World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta to the world’s press. You know what that means: It’s coming soon, folks.

Although it hasn’t yet put a firm date on the expansion’s release date, Blizzard is accepting media beta sign ups until April 15.

April 15 is not the actual date the beta goes live, however: Blizzard says it does “not currently have a date to announce for the start of the beta test.”

Keeping a close eye on our inbox to see if we get an invite. (crossing fingers & toes)

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Official Trailer (HQ)

Here’s the list of Class changes so far:

Cataclysm Class Preview:
Shaman with Q&A

Cataclysm Class Preview –
Warlock with Q&A

Cataclysm Class Preview:

reviews of the  Warrior Death
, and  Rogue
classes should be coming soon.


FFXIV music leaked

Ah, the perils of digital distribution (or, if you’re a fan, the joys). The hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV alpha starts tomorrow, and enterprising nerds have managed to rip data from Square-Enix’s alpha client download, including portions of the soundtrack by celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The score looks to evoke that classic Uematsu Final Fantasy feeling, and if you’re partial to that sort of thing, we’d suggest giving the leaked files a listen while you still can.

The music is currently hosted over at MediaFire as well as a couple of spots on YouTube. You can also check out the original announcement over at Reddit.

Lego Beta Sign Up

Just got this in my mail box !


Thanks for signing up for our beta testing. Your registration has been successfully saved. If you are chosen to battle the dark forces of Maelstrom in the LEGO Universe Beta test, you will soon receive a key to enter the universe. Good luck!

LEGO Universe

Lego MMO just for kids? I don’t think so!
Check it out @ http://ping.fm/i8vwz