Gears of War 3, dubbed by the publisher to be the “biggest blockbuster game of 2011,” will be the “explosive finale to the landmark Gears of War trilogy” and will be available exclusively on the Xbox 360 in April 2011.

Epic Games will once again be handling development duties on Gears of War 3, which “plunges players into a harrowing tale of hope, survival and brotherhood” to complete the current story arc for the series. The last human city has been destroyed and the last remaining survivors are stranded, leaving Marcus and his comrades in a race against the clock to save the human race from extinction.

The new game has playable female soldiers in it! Don’t worry, it’s still jam-packed with men who look like refrigerators, and mellow music like the famous Gears of War trailer which used the song ‘Mad World’ the sound track from the movie ‘Donnie Darko’  (in this case, Sun Kil Moon’s “Heron Blue”.)

Watch the first trailer and ogle at the first screenshots for Gears of War 3 below. Titled ‘Ashes to Ashes,’ the trailer was created in Unreal Engine 3 by the same team behind the Gears of War video spots and captures a three-way battle between Delta Squad, the Locust Horde and the new Lambent.

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